Family Visit

Our eldest niece (22 years old), Jennifer, lives in Scottsdale, AZ.  We had made plans with her a couple of weeks earlier and tonight was the night we were scheduled to meet for dinner.  Jenn is working on her Masters degree while interning so she is really busy. And we had not seen her since summer of 2016 so we were really looking forward to it.

We rolled into Tempe mid-afternoon, set up camp in the Apache RV Resort in downtown and got ready for dinner out (yeah!) with Jenn and one of her friends, Cheyenne.  We met at Claim Jumpers in Tempe, a new place for all of us.  It has an interesting and welcoming ambience with friendly people and good food.  We got a chance to catch up with Jenn, enjoyed meeting her friend Cheyenne and shared a few good laughs!

Great visit.  But, Siobhan really wanted to see Jenn’s apartment so we made arrangements to meet her there in the morning before we moved on to our next destination.  Beautiful place.  Since we were close, we checked out the arts district in “Old Scottsdale” too.  Here’s some pics…



2 thoughts on “Family Visit

  1. Paul Brown

    Nice. Yes, we like Old Scottsdale too. Stadium course at TPC Scottsdale is calling to you. Summer rates should ‘Only’ be $150. Remember, it’s dry heat

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