“We” are Kevin & Siobhan or K&S for short.

We are very lucky people who’ve worked hard and then had the good fortune of retiring early.  We are healthy, active and looking forward to an extended road trip throughout the USA during 2017.  Our goal is to visit all the National Parks in the “lower 48” (more on this later) as we tour the country.

Born and raised in CT, the oldest of six kids, I trained to become a Computer Programmer. Eventually I served as an Information Technology executive at multiple  Fortune 100 Financial Services companies and ran a private consulting practice for a few years too.  After retiring the first time eight years ago and failing miserably, it was back to work for me.  The second attempt at retirement began three years ago, aided by my consulting practice to keep me engaged, albeit, at a much slower pace.  At the beginning of this year, I actually stopped working completely and thoroughly enjoy the freedom retirement provides.

My beautiful wife, Siobhan (pronounced Sha-von), is Canadian, born and raised in Toronto or what is now commonly referred to as the GTA.  She is the oldest of three that one day became four and, eventually, seven. Siobhan started her career in banking and switched to Information Technology where she was a computer program developer, a business analyst and the leader of a development team spanning India and the US.  She retired three years ago and never looked back!

We met on vacation in Costa Rica (we were each traveling with our own group of friends) nineteen years ago and got married nine months later when Siobhan moved to CT to be with me and my daughter.  We have travelled extensively since, although, mostly overseas.

Now, we split our time between NH and FL, basically attempting to follow the sun (or, at least, the nicer weather).

We are so excited about our upcoming adventure and can’t wait to share it with you!