Joshua Tree National Park

Welcome to California!


This was Siobhan’s first visit to California and she was excited to see what it is all about.

Our first stop was Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.  This park covers 792,510 acres (a big place) where the Mojave and Colorado deserts converge.  And, as you might expect, it gets hot in the desert, especially in the eastern section of this park located in the Colorado Desert which is below 3,000′ in elevation (might be a bit more relenting in the Mojave Desert section of the park which is all above 3,000′ above sea level).


As you can see from the picture, triple digit heat is how we were greeted upon our arrival late in the afternoon on 5/4/2017.  In fact, it reached 105 degrees before the temps started to decline.

There is only one campground within this park that we could fit our RV into and it was primitive camping only (no water, no sewer, no electric).  It was the no electric part that really hurt because you can’t run a generator (needed for A/C if there is no electric) after a certain hour (9PM here).  This is one of those rules that we do try to follow just to be considerate of the other campers.  We realize that many of them do not have generators and are there for the peace and tranquility.  So, guess what, it was still over 90 degrees in our RV at 10PM which made for a long and uncomfortable night with little sleep.

So, this place became an “F&L” as our friend Jim would say.  That’s “First & Last” for those who are not aware of the saying.  We were on the road before 7AM, bound for cooler climes and an electric hook-up to ensure we could run our A/C to get a comfortable nights sleep!

Of course, that decision did not put us in a place to comment on this particular National Park.  It might be stunning, maybe not?  One thing we both agreed on though, it was way to hot for us to stick around even one minute longer to find out.  The weather report indicated even higher temps for the next couple of days so we were outta there!

Onward to the Pacific Coast of Southern California…



1 thought on “Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Herb Nickles & Wendy Shepherd

    Too bad you didn’t get to see the park. The best time to go is Winter, although I’ve experienced freezing temperatures at night and light snow in Feb. & March. The wildflower bloom in March is amazing. It’s also a great place to practice your rock climbing—good rock but not too far to fall! Have fun.



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