Stronger Together

Many people have asked us, “how did you live in such a small space for such a long time”?

It’s a fair question.  We’ve given it much thought and want to share our insights with you here.

First, we were not used to living in a small space and we certainly were not accustomed to spending every moment of every day together.  Prior to our RV Adventure, we did spend a fair amount of time together yet also spent a significant amount of time independently.  We both have individual interests that we pursue with our own friends and our exercise routines and the ability to just hang out in our own private space at home.

Once we moved into the RV, that was history.

Lets face it, we were now sharing a total of 272 square feet (thats right, 8′ x 34′, that’s it!), living on the road, spending our time (mostly) in places that we had never been before and where we rarely new anyone else.  It was “just the two of us’ as the song goes.

Yes, it did take some getting used to.  It wasn’t easy to start with.  It did take a while to get used to the smaller space available to each of us and the lack of our own individual space.  Once we adjusted to that and got to know how to “get out of each others way”, everything got progressively easier.  We certainly learned a lot about ourselves and each other.

So, if you intend to do anything like this, here are some things to keep in mind:

Prerequisite – you certainly better be best friends at the start of the adventure!

Recognize that you each have some growing and adjusting and compromising to do and its going to take some time to perfect those changes.  Its a dance…

Practice your listening skills – you will need them.  As my Dad once told me way back when I was young (oh, so long ago), “Listen twice as much as you talk – that’s why God gave you two ears and only one mouth”.  Maintaining a positive living environment, especially in this small space, requires way more listening.

Develop your sensing skills, too.  We all know that understanding your partner’s needs and desires often times has more to do with what is not said…this is magnified by the small space.  At least, it was for us.  Tune in to those often subtle hints.

Remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination! (Refer to previous post on this topic – valuable lesson for those that have not yet learned this one.)

Lastly, stay busy.  We had so many incredible adventures packed into this journey.  Sure, we spent a ton of time in the RV but that was mostly driving or sleeping.  Other than that, we were on the go, outside, exploring the amazing destinations on our itinerary.  We ran ourselves so ragged trying to see everything we could in each area we visited that we actually had to force ourselves to “take a rest day” every now and again.

All that said, we agree that our relationship is stronger now than ever before and we wouldn’t trade this time together for anything.

Stronger together, undoubtedly!

We learned how to successfully coexist in only 272 square feet with only “the stuff” that we could bring with us or rent for the day along the way.  We had so much fun and continuous adventure, its going to be interesting to experience how we adapt to reentry into the “normal lifestyle” of our pre-RV-Adventure lives…maybe.



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