Red Bay – Again

We’ve been in New Hampshire for about three weeks now and we’re antsy,  itching to get back out on the road.

We began this grand RV Adventure with an early visit to Red Bay, Alabama, home of the manufacturer of Our Way, the Tiffin Motor Home company (and not much else!).  It seems kinda fitting that we would be wrapping it up with another stop there on our way home to Florida.

One of the many things we’ve learned along this journey is that things don’t always go as planned (surprised, right?).  If you’ve followed this blog, you already know that we’ve had some issues (remember the refrigerator story or the bedroom slide story or…) along the way that need to be resolved.  We’ve learned that that is what happens when you drive your house (the RV) down the road for thousands of miles.  Well, the Tiffin company has a great warranty and their customer service is second to none!

Whenever we encountered an issue that needed to be repaired but wouldn’t derail our trip, we would simply call Justin, our service technician contact at Tiffin.   He would record the issue and let us know that Tiffin would handle it for us when we returned to the factory service center whenever we got back to the east coast.  They even extended our warranty by a couple of weeks just so we would not have to rush back to Red Bay to get there prior to the actual expiration date of the warranty.

So, on Tuesday, 10/10/2017, it was off to Red Bay!  We did a few nights of Walmart camping along the way in PA, VA and TN to break up the drive before arriving at the Tiffin facility on Friday about 10:30 AM.  We figured it would be about a week to complete all the outstanding warranty work so we settled in at the Tiffin Campground (really, an upscale parking lot).  We got really lucky with the timing of the different service bays we needed to visit to complete our list and got out of there in 7 days with everything looking great!

While there, we made a few new friends, went on another Tiffin Factory Tour (where they are building 13 new motorhomes each week – all made to order and already sold), had lunch at Mason Jar on Main a couple of times and even decided on what RV we will buy next (if we do buy another one).  See what happens when we don’t have enough to do…

When we purchased Our Way, we thought a 34′ RV would be difficult enough to drive and therefore would not want anything longer.  After more than 15,000 miles of driving in all kinds of conditions all around this country, both of us would be perfectly comfortable driving a longer coach.  With that new feeling of confidence combined with the experience gained while living in Our Way for seven months and assuming we win the lottery or something (so that money is no object), we would now “trade up” to the 40′ Tiffin Phaeton 40IH.  I’d like the advantages the diesel drivetrain brings to the equation (air ride, engine break, longevity) and Siobhan really has her sites set on the convenience of the extra half bath that is part of this perfect floor plan.

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Over the past seven months we spoke to Justin a number of times.  He was extremely helpful and over time we seemed to develop a great rapport.  It always seemed like he had our back and we were looking forward to meeting him in person when we arrived.  It was our distinct pleasure to go out to dinner with Justin and his wife, Kayla.  This was not just any dinner, either, as they made this another really cool adventure for us.  They live in Mississippi (which is just a stone’s throw from the Tiffin facility) and decided to take us to Oxford via a National Scenic Byway named the Natchez Trace Parkway.  This 444 mile parkway is headquartered in Tupelo, MS, maintained by the National Park Service and connects Natchez, MS with Nashville, TN while crossing some of the most beautiful terrain in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.  After the 90 minute scenic ride on “the Trace” just before sunset, we toured through the Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) which is home to more than 24,000 students.  What an absolutely gorgeous campus with all the southern charm you would expect.  Then, dinner at Boure Restaurant on the historic Courthouse Square right in the center of Oxford.  Great company, great food, wonderful night!

We were worried about how long we would be here to get this final warranty work completed.  We had heard stories of people being here two, three, even four weeks awaiting parts or their turn in a specific service bay depending upon what work they needed completed.  We got very lucky with the timing of moving from one specialty (like woodworking) area to another and spent only six nights here on this visit.  By noon on Thursday, 10/19/2017, we were heading home – but – thats another story…




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