Last Leg

With all the warranty work completed and Our Way looking great, we were off to our home in Fort Myers to “wrap this thing up”.  On the way, we camped in Eufaula, AL on Thursday night right on the shore of a lake and then at Dad’s place in Mount Dora, FL on Friday and Saturday before heading home.

We hadn’t seen Dad for almost seven months so it was great to get an opportunity to visit with him again.  We enjoyed catching up and sharing stories about our trip and had a couple of nice meals together at “The Lodge” in his community.  We were even allowed to park our coach right on the property (special permission needed, for sure) since we arrived on a weekend for a couple of nights of dry camping.


Sunday morning we were off for Fort Myers, the final drive of the trip!  When we were about half way home, Siobhan demanded that I stop at the next rest stop so she could get one last stint behind the wheel on this last leg of our RV Adventure.  Quite the contrast from the beginning of the trip when she really didn’t want anything to do with driving!

We arrived at home around noon, emptied everything from the RV into our garage and then got Our Way to the storage area a few miles away.  Its a covered spot with electric which allows us to keep the AC running to keep the humidity out and the coach in great shape.  A huge task completed, we drove back home for a well-earned happy hour.

The majority of the next two days were spent at the storage area, cleaning the RV both inside and out.  A ton of hard work but it looks brand new again!

We attacked this task with such vigor because Siobhan had to catch a plane to Toronto on Thursday.  Getting all this work done on Monday and Tuesday left her one day to get everything ready for her upcoming extended stay visit in Canada.  Her Dad, Ken, was getting his knee replaced on Friday and would not be able to get around on his own nor drive for a while so she wanted to be there to help out (what a great daughter, eh).  One way ticket – hhhmmm – should I be worried? (Just kidding, she’ll be back…eventually…I think…)



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