Mad Dash to NH

We’ve now finished our planned visits to National Parks so its off to New Hampshire for some time with family and friends.

On our way we made overnight stops in Le Roy, NY and then Bernardston, MA before arriving in Sunapee, New Hampshire on Monday, September 11th for a three week travel break (kind of – more on that  in a minute) .

The most difficult thing about this entire adventure was missing time with our family and friends in New England.  To make the trip work, we needed to sacrifice our normal “summer in Sunapee” so that we could travel to all the places we wanted to see while the weather would be conducive to RV travel (in other words, no snow).  The good news was that we got to visit all the places on our list and the bad news was that we didn’t see our family or friends all summer.  So, we were pretty excited about getting back to Sunapee.

While there we visited with our friends, caught up on our doctors and dentists appointments and attended a family party in CT to help celebrate the 50th birthday of one of my brothers.  And since we hadn’t been on the road much (not), we drove our car to Toronto for a few days to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with Siobhan’s family.  We even used Airbnb for the first time to rent a cottage up there, fun times!

During the little bit of down time we did have available while at our NH home, we just plain relaxed and reminisced about all the exciting places we experienced on this incredible adventure around our beautiful country.  So far, we’ve visited 32 of the 48 contiguous states and 44 of the country’s 59 National Parks.

Our RV Adventure is a whirlwind and its already time to get back on the road for the last leg of the trip.





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