This place is famous for the annual motorcycle rally held here during August.  We arrived in town not even a week after the event came to a close but wanted to check it out anyway.

We talked to some “townies” to get their view of the rally – good or bad.  Much to our surprise, it seemed that they actually look forward to the crowds that fill this otherwise quiet small town.  The lady at the post office talked about the interesting people that she gets to meet, the bar tender talked about all the extra hours she gets to work, the guy at the liquor store talked about all the excitement going on during those ten days.  They all said they were happy to have their town back to normal and that they really enjoyed the change of pace that this rally brings with it each year.

We had fun checking out the scene while it was not so packed.

Our campsite in Blackhawk, SD was less than an hour away so we just had to come check it out while we were in the area.  We thought we might see some nice new Harleys at the store but they did not have any bikes, just clothes and accessories?  Most of the town looked pretty normal, except this one pink place?

Fun visit, glad we went, not sure we need to go back…



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