2nd Gen Friends in Bozeman, MT

Ok, its not easy to complain to y’all about being on an adventure like this for months at a time.  However, not being able to visit with our family and friends is definitely our least favorite part of it.  That’s what made this stop so much fun!

Bozeman, MT is about five hours from Glacier National Park and pretty much on the way to our next destination.  Since we have some second-generation friends in town, it seemed like a great place to make a quick Walmart stay for the night.  You see, I’ve been friends with Rick and Judy for going on forty  years now.  Our kids grew up together.  Siobhan and I went to their daughter Nicole’s wedding a few years ago.  She and her husband, Patrick, live in Bozeman now.  So, we contacted them a few days before we were going to be passing through to make tentative plans to get together.

We arrived in Bozeman around 4PM on August 7th, set up camp (ha-ha, parked the RV at the far end of Walmart’s parking lot, actually) and found a local brewery with a great view for dinner and a cold beer.

From there, we contacted Nicole to get her location (aren’t these iPhone’s great) and headed to downtown Bozeman to meet up with her and Patrick for a quick visit.  Turns out that Patrick’s family was in town too so we had the pleasure of meeting his parents, his sister and her fiancé.  A really nice family and a blast to hang out with.  We shared some stories from our journey while catching up on Nicole and Pat’s new life in Montana, his sister’s wedding plans and getting to know his parents who are considering a possible move from the east coast to Bozeman someday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a quick visit since we had to leave the party before dark to get back to the RV.  Remember the altercation with the deer in Lassen Volcanic National Park in California?  Right, since then we’ve had to get the Jeep back to the RV before dark because the headlights don’t work right so we can’t really see where we are going in the dark!

It is so much fun to have second-generation friends and we were so happy to have scratched that “we-sure-would-like-to-see-our-family-and-friends-soon” itch!





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