Canadian Family Visit

On June 26th, we flew out of San Francisco’s International Airport and arrived in Toronto for a nine day family visit.  Being between jobs while switching careers, our daughter, Ericca, was also able to join us on this visit, flying in from Denver and meeting us at the airport in Toronto.

Our sister-in-law’s parents, Roger & Fiona, graciously allowed us to stay at the pool house on their farm the entire time we were in Canada.  So generous and so very much appreciated!  It felt like we were staying at a resort!  Most of our time there was spent chillin’ by the pool and visiting with family and friends.  We even got to participate in the 150th anniversary of Canada Day, a national holiday similar to the US’s Forth of July, with fireworks and celebrations everywhere.

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Siobhan’s brother, Craig, his wife, Janna and their two kids, TJ and Katie Jean live right next door so we got to hang out with them a bunch too.  Since all these people are still young enough to be working every day and have such busy lives, the close proximity made it possible for us to enjoy their company without impacting their normal routines too much.

Siobhan’s Dad and step-Mom, Ken and Rhonda, live a few towns southwest of the farm.  The drive is only about 45 minutes so we got to stop by their place for a few visits during the week as well.  And on Canada Day, they joined us all at the farm to celebrate together.  It was wonderful to see Ken have a brief opportunity to relax a bit and Rhonda having a good day in her battle with cancer.

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We did somehow miss out on seeing Siobhan’s brother, Sean, who now lives and works in Barrie, a few hours north of the farm.  We hope to catch up with him on our next visit for Canadian Thanksgiving in October.

Our intent during this visit was to spend as much time with the family as we could while simultaneously minimizing the impact we caused on their daily routines and even reducing their load somewhat whenever possible.  We try to be “low-impact guests”.  This worked out for everyone, especially us, as we got to spend lots of time with Katie.  We even had a sleep over when Ericca and Katie built an awesome pillow-fort.  And the daily swimming in the pool and our exercise routines and a few cookouts and…you get the idea.  Katie even told her Mom (Janna) that she decided to stop calling us (collectively – Kevin, Siobhan and Ericca) the “Yorgs” and begin call us “the Loves”.  We like that better, too!

We had a great time visiting (hopefully, they all did too…) and look forward to Canadian Thanksgiving in October.



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