Please, Don’t!

We want to enlist the support of each of the nearly one hundred followers of this blog…

Please talk to all your family and friends about this, too.

Please don’t text and drive.

Please, right here, right now, commit to devoting 100% of your attention to driving while you are driving.  Refuse to be a distracted driver.

This one was just way to close – that’s all I can say!

As we were driving back to our campground after a great day at Pinnacles National Park, another driver was too busy looking into his phone to notice that he had crossed into our lane and was heading straight toward us at about 35 mph.  Fortunately for us and him, he finally heard our horn and swerved back into his lane, just barely averting a head-on collision with our Jeep.

The road we were on is one motorcyclists excitedly refer to as a twisty, curve after curve after curve of two-lane asphalt through beautiful wine country with vineyards as far as you can see on both sides of the road.  Here, however, the un-guardrailed, tree-lined country road was elevated 8’ – 10’ above the river winding along the east side and the ditch between the vineyards and the road on the west side.  I had an adrenaline-enhanced perfect view of this idiot while Siobhan had nowhere to go to avoid him and all she could do was lay into the horn, hit the brakes and hope for the best.

It was a shocking reminder of how fast and how drastically everything in life can change.  This wasn’t our day to go, thankfully.  One second after he swerved back into his own lane nobody but the three of us would even have any clue that this potentially life-ending incident even occurred.

This is no joke, it’s not a game.  We are so very grateful that our RV Adventure didn’t end there on that backroad in California that afternoon.  So much more to see, so many places to go and most importantly, so many wonderful family and friends we want to spend more time with…

We got lucky that day.

We would truly appreciate you taking this message to heart and spreading it to all the people you care about.

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Be safe.


4 thoughts on “Please, Don’t!

  1. Bob & Theresa

    OMG😩 So glad you guys are okay. How scary that must have been. We are and have been totally committed to not texting while driving. This was a great message to send out. Happy trails to you😃

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  2. annface1

    So glad you are safe. That is so scary. People need to learn that nothing is so important that it can’t wait. When we were driving on the New York State Thruway we noticed that the rest stops have been renamed to Text Stops. Maybe all states should put similar signs up. Wishing you continued happy and safe travels.
    ❤️Ann and Mike G

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