Moab – Part 1

Moab, the mountain bike mecca, was our next destination and first stop in Utah.  We all love this place.  The town vibe is a laid-back mountain bikers/climbers/vacationers kinda place.  Relaxed.

We arrived here on Thursday, 6/1/2017 with no reservations, planning to score a place on BLM land or at a National Forest or something.  This was not really by choice though.  Every federal, state and private campground we checked was ridiculously expensive or booked solid, some for the entire summer.  We figured we would find something, somewhere.

Well, turns out BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land is basically first come / first served.  We got there early enough in the day to stake our claim to a couple of decent campsites in Horse Thief Canyon about 35 minutes outside of town.  Its not a high-end resort or anything, its actually dry camping or boondocking (no water, no power, no sewer).  Its fun as long as its not too hot, it tends to be much less crowded which all four of us prefer and its very inexpensive.  After setting up camp, we took the ride down to Moab to enjoy the town, some snacks and a cold one.

We were in this area of Utah to visit Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  Since RT & Linder had previously visited both parks, they opted to go mountain biking for a couple of days while Siobhan and I visited Arches National Park on Friday and Canyonlands National Park on Saturday.

Arches is not only beautiful and unique, it is also very popular with roughly 1.6 million visitor in 2016.  Based on our experience of waiting 30 minutes to gain entry into the park, I’d guess that 2017 will see even more visitors here.  All these people can’t be wrong, right?  You be the judge by checking out the pictures.  We know they don’t do justice to the reality we saw but its the best we can do to share the beauty of this place with you.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Arches National Park was established on November 12, 1971 and encompasses 76,679 acres.  There are many hiking options here but this is a park that can be enjoyed from your car if you choose.  We did some of both.  Our hikes included the Windows Trail, both Delicate Arch Viewpoint Trails and the three mile Delicate Arch Trail.  We also enjoyed the scenery at Panorama Point, Balanced Rock and the Petrified Dunes.

Well worth the visit.  Of course, the day would not be complete without a quick visit to the Moab Brewery for a great local brew called Dead Horse Amber.  We’ve added this to our list of microbrews that we would like to come across again!

More on our Moab travels soon….



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