It wasn’t too long ago that I told you about Siobhan and I having to “stay behind” in Gallup, New Mexico while RT & Linder went ahead.  We had to wait to get our rig fixed (the frig, remember?).  Well, this time Arthur and Linda were having some issues with their rented rig so we went on ahead to secure our campsites for the night.  The automatic leveling system on their coach would not deploy.  When it’s not working, it’s risky to put out the slides on the coach, the mechanisms that extend the interior to provide more living space in the bedroom and living room.  They decided to stop at an RV mechanic’s shop so we agreed to meet at an RV park at our next destination.

So, about that next destination…I’m sure it’s hard to imagine any contention among the four of us easy-going, non-competitive types, right?  Well, as many of you know, Arthur and Linda love mountain biking.  To support my point, let me tell you that they even shipped their bikes out here to have them along for the trip. And it just so happens that one of the up and coming meccas for mountain bikers is a little town called Fruita, CO.  It’s just past Grand Junction, CO on the western side of the state right along I-70.

I had never been to either Grand Junction nor Fruita but really wanted to visit Grand Junction.  Arthur, having previously been to both places, was pushing for Fruita.  After a few rounds of discussion and lobbying, I reluctantly agreed when it came time to book a campground. After driving through Grand Junction on the way to Fruita, I’ve got to give this one to RT (wasn’t the first nor the last time that happened, either!) as Fruita was definitely the better call, by far.  It’s a great little town with a definite mountain bike mecca vibe.

And the campground we found named “the Fruita Section of the James M. Robb Colorado River State Park” was one of the prettiest parks we have stayed in yet.  Just check out the views.

The first afternoon, we road our bikes into town on the paved bike paths to explore the downtown area and scope out places for dinner.  We stopped into a bike shop called “Over the Edge” where Linder got her bike adjusted before we began our ride back home.  Good thing, too, since that ride turned into a twenty mile trek toward Grand Junction and back.  Wonderful ride along the Colorado River.

The next day, RT & Linder went for a serious mountain bike ride on the outstanding trail system in the area while Siobhan and I went to explore Grand Junction in the Jeep.  On our way there we drove through the Colorado National Monument to check it out since it was not far from our campground.  This place was not no our destination list, yet, it was a great find.  Spectacular views.  Check it out…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We all went out for dinner that evening to share our stories from the day.  We even walked from the campground to Kamma Brewery so nobody had to be concerned about designated driver duties.  Another wonderful evening with friends.

We all have our final chores to deal with…

…then, no rest for the weary, it was on to the next destination in the morning…



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