Guess Who?

It’s Friday evening, May 19th, and another RV just pulled in to the  campground.

We’ve been on the road since April 1st, 49 days now, and we have not seen any of our friends or family since then.  That’s definitely the most difficult part of this adventure (at least that’s my view – Siobhan may say it’s living in such a small space (even if we can move it anywhere we feel like it) with me!  We’ve been looking forward to this moment.

Let us introduce you to Arthur & Linda, aka RT & Linder, our friends from our home in New Hampshire.  We’ve know these guys for close to twenty years and we’ve traveled all over Europe together on various bicycling trips, done motorcycle trips together, snowmobile trips in the USA and Canada and hung out at the lake, too.  Seeing them pull in felt kinda like “going home” or maybe, more accurately, like part of our extended New Hampshire family coming to join us on the road.  It felt good!


These two had a five hour (or so) drive in the RV today on top of a couple hours the day before and a flight from Boston to Salt Lake City the day before that so we expected they might be a bit tired from their travels.  We prepared a BBQ dinner for the four of us and planned to do some chillin’ by the fire pit for the evening, just catching up with each other.

A relaxing and enjoyable evening before our independent adventure transitioned to a Caravan starting the next day!

Stay tuned…



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