What Happens In Vegas…

…gets shared on the blog!

Fortunately for us, nothing too racy (with us) happened, so all is good.  (Alright, I realize its risky to state that right up front, likely lost at least half of our readers right here!)

We rolled into town on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.  We were lucky to find another member of the Boondockers Welcome club that could accommodate us right in town, just a few miles from the strip.  Sam is a very kind and helpful person who allowed us to park Our Way in his driveway along with our Jeep, too.  He even moved his RV down the street to make room for us.  This was not your typical boondocking experience where you are dry camping (or, for the uninitiated, no power, no water and no sewer).  Sam provided full hookups!  He and his wife are both retired now and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary shortly after we left their place.  Having worked in Vegas for many years, he was also willing to share the inside story on where to go during our stay.  So helpful!  We really enjoyed meeting him.  One evening, while Siobhan was napping, Sam invited me into his house to enjoy the A/C.  We hung out in his man-cave/porch and watched YouTube RVing videos played on his huge flat screen TV from his iPhone.  he had all the technology set up through wifi and/or Bluetooth.  Cool.  After a while, Sam shared a very personal story (I’m going to earn his confidence in me and keep that private) that demonstrated what a kind, caring and committed family man he is.  It was my honor to meet him and get to know him at little.  The world would be a better place if more people were like Sam.

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Once we got set up in the driveway, we followed Sam’s advice and drove right past the strip  heading straight for the Fremont Street Experience.  This place was totally crazy.  In fact, we had to omit some of the pictures since this is a public blog site.  Anyway, you can only imagine the attire (or lack thereof) that some locals selected to demonstrate their wears.  People everywhere, from everywhere.  One thing most everyone there had in common was a drink (or two) in their hand(s).  So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do – we sidled up to a street-side bar and got a couple of beers for our stroll through the place.

There are so many things going on all around you.  Seriously, even above you as four people at a time go zooming past you 25’ overhead on a zip line or the true daredevils that fly past on the high level zip line that must be 50’ off the street.  The street musicians, the jugglers, the magicians, the mostly naked men and women that are trying to get you to pay them for having your picture taken with them and all the other spectators visibly surprised by what they are seeing right out in public.  Sensory overload.

On Wednesday, we got an early start to get to Eyeglass World located only a few blocks from Sam’s place.  This became a necessity just a few days earlier when Siobhan’s glasses broke.  The (six year old) frame finally cracked so she really needed a new pair (or two or three, more on that later).  Good thing for Siobhan that my brother Mark is her eye doctor since the folks in the Vegas store needed to speak to her doctor prior to fulfilling her prescription.  Quick call to Dr. Mark, everything is good, Siobhan gets three pairs of glasses ordered.  Guaranteed to be ready the next morning.  Not bad!

With that chore out of the way, it was off to the Las Vegas strip.  We found a place to park at the Venetian Resort and started our personal tour with a stroll through the Miracle Mile Shopping Center where they made you feel as though you were outside walking through the streets of Venice, Italy.  There are canals with people taking gondola rides, the faint-blue dusk skyline overhead, the street-side bistros.  Amazing how real the experience was even though we knew we were inside a hotel complex.

Next we walked across The Strip to watch the fountains at The Bellagio and explore their stunning flower gardens. Not sure if it’s always decorated this way but as the pictures will show you, just beautiful.  Siobhan was loving it.  The fountains out front of the resort are synched with music and the show goes on every hour or so.  It attracts quite a crowd and is certainly worth the time to observe.  On this day, they were also setting staging for an upcoming special event (never did hear what it was all about, though).

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Next stop was Caesar’s Palace, just across the street.  Another opulent resort with high-end shopping inside as well as, of course, lots of gambling.  By this time, we were not so thrilled with the audacious trappings of the interior of the resorts so we decided to simply stroll The Strip looking for a place to grab a bite to eat and a cold beer.  Somewhere along the way we stopped at The Yard House (see pic for where this place got its name) to grab tapas at a high top table next to the windows so we wouldn’t miss anything happening on the street.  After dinner, we decided to take a spin on the High Roller as it was recommended by Sam and some friends from back home.  This giant ferris wheel, 520’ in diameter, brings you 550’ above the street for an incredible view of the Las Vegas area.  We chose a good time (6:30PM) to get to this attraction since it was not crowded at all.  Maybe six people in the car that normally accommodates 40, allowing us the freedom to move around for awesome 360 degree views of the city during the 30 minutes it took to make one full rotation.  Check out the pics.  We did a little more people watching, oh, I mean site-seeing after that Ferris wheel ride then drove back to Sam’s place for a good nights sleep.

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We awoke Thursday morning, in Sam’s driveway, really excited about our next stop.  We had breakfast, got Our Way ready to roll, said our good byes to Sam and headed out for…

…the Walmart parking lot just down the street.   Really.  We arranged for an oil change to be completed by a local mobile RV service that needed a little space to get the job done.  This was our first time getting this done and it’s not like you can just drive in to Jiffy Lube, so, another new experience.  Painless, prompt, done, just like that, good to go!

Come back soon for the details on our next stop and why we were so excited about it…



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    We got married at the Venetian on the gondolas ! So glad you guys are having such fun but we do miss you!!!

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