City of Angels

Our time in the Los Angeles area started on Monday, May 8, 2017 when we departed San Diego (Escondido, actually) bound for someplace in the Los Angeles area.  Without reservations, we knew we had to be flexible (do you notice a theme here…).  Our interests included touring Hollywood and heading out to the Channel Islands National Park, just off the coast of Oxnard.  From there, we would be heading across California to Death Valley National Park.  So we looked for a place that could serve as a central point and ended up in a smallish town called Castaic, just north of Santa Clarita.  This was not our favorite campground by any stretch but it filled the need of a central place and had full hook-ups which insured A/C.  Not bad without reservations!  We ended up staying there for four nights.

Gotta admit, we were a bit apprehensive about driving the RV right through the belly of the beast, LA rush hour traffic that is, after all the horror stories we’d heard.  Because we got a later start than expected (first time for everything, right…) we were definitely pushing the time limit to get through the city before the dreaded rush hour.  The first part of our drive was stunning as the highway closely followed the inspiring Pacific coastline.  The road conditions, though, left much to be desired.  Hard to imagine how the highway got so bad since this area of the country doesn’t have to deal with winter.  Maybe it’s the earthquakes or the high taxes?  Anyway, as we got closer to downtown, we did get to experience some LA traffic but, luckily, made it through just before the rush hour turned the highway into the daily parking lot.  One local told us that it gets so bad that drivers sometimes get out of their cars to talk to others (didn’t witness this though).

We arrived at Castaic Lake RV park about 4:30PM.  We set up camp and relaxed on Monday afternoon after arriving there.  We dedicated Tuesday to chores and scheduling some places to stay for upcoming stops (which is more challenging than one would expect).  Of course, had to have some fun too so we rode our bikes to Castiac Lake and took the Jeep to explore Castiac Reservoir, another truly spectacular spot.  You can check out the pictures below.  We even took a swim in the campground pool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our next post will be about our really fun touristy tour of Hollywood on Wednesday followed by our Thursday visit to my favorite park so far, the Channel Islands.



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