Finally, on May 5th, we crawled (ok, not really, but it kinda felt that way…) out of the desert to experience the Pacific Coast!

We left Joshua Tree in a big hurry to escape the unrelenting sun and extreme heat of the desert bound for the “perfect climate” we expected in sunny San Diego.  We heard that San Diego was almost always between 75 and 85 degrees and sunny.  We couldn’t wait for that weather relief.

Well, things don’t always turn out like you hoped, but, we did get lucky to find a spot for Our Way (the RV) at an RV resort in Escondido, only about 35 minutes north of San Diego.

You see, we’ve learned the hard way that finding any place on Friday for that Friday night is really difficult.  Especially in a very popular area.  So, we paid the high price of about $75/night for full hook-ups and smiled when we pulled in to the resort.  It’s a beautiful place and we got a nice spot at the top of a hill with green grass, shrubs and flowers.  A welcome contrast to the desert spot of the night before, that’s for sure.  But, it was pretty cloudy and cool.  Once we got camp set up, we headed out to explore San Diego and Coronado, an island just across San Diego Harbor.

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We went to Coronado first.  Drove around town to get a sense of the place then stopped in at Hotel Del Coronado right on the Pacific Ocean.  Kinda windy, yet that made for some interesting waves crashing on the beach.  It’s a very old hotel and it’s been used to film many TV series and movies too.  The grounds are meticulously maintained as you can see in the pictures.  Fun place to visit but too chilly this afternoon to stay for long.  We moved on to the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego and chose the “Tin Roof – A Live Music Joint” to start our Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Then it was on to the next gin mill just a few blocks away before heading back to Escondido for the night.

We awoke Saturday to more clouds, temps in the 50’s (only half of what we experienced only a couple of days earlier) and threats of rain.  We’ve learned to be flexible and make the best of every day, no matter the weather so we packed our rain gear and headed to the San Diego Zoo for the day.  I’ll stop there, though, because Siobhan has a post prepared to fill you in on the details.

On Sunday, we decided to take it easy and just relax while catching up on chores (laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills).  It rained on and off all day so it worked out well.  Although we originally planned to depart Escondido on Sunday, we had some business to take care of on Monday morning that required a solid wifi connection.  Since we did not have a reservation  anywhere else, we decided to stay one more night in Escondido to complete our business before heading north.

Guess what happened Monday morning?  The sun came out for the first time in the days!  Absolutely beautiful skies with warming temps.  Perfect, finally.  That afternoon we left for the big city of Los Angeles and we will tell you about our exploits there in the next post.



4 thoughts on “SoCal

  1. Mike

    Siobhan: the zoo has an exchange program, where you can exchange your spouse for an animal of your choice. Did you avail yourself of that program?



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