Our Way …

Hi all!

Once we finally landed on a name, we wanted to show it off somehow. Seeing so many other MH all the time we saw the many ways other people did this. These ranged from a decal on the side or rear of the MH to an actual sign that was placed outside when they were parked. The one that we liked best was the front license plate – since it was previously just an advertisement for the dealer! I checked online and couldn’t find one that I liked so I designed one myself 🤓

Here is what I came up with, I think it covers it all. The name, our adventure, and year all across the USA map🇺🇸, with a little bit of Ontario Canada🇨🇦 showing at the top since we will be dropping in to visit my family for Cdn Thanksgiving in early October.



8 thoughts on “Our Way …

  1. rhondasteele

    Now this is a surprise! Looks like there’s an artistic bit inside you Kevin. Love the symbolism and the colour choices especially with that black bumper. Well done! XO



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