Adventure Tracker

Hi All!  I just wanted to share a couple of the fun things we are doing while we visit all these places …

First is our ‘National Parks Passport’


It works similar to your regular passport in that you get a ‘stamp’ showing that you have visited a National Park.  We picked this up while visiting Alaska last year and have been adding our stamps since … including our tent camping trip when we drove to FL this past fall.  A couple parks that were added on that stretch were Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains.
Second is our USA states map.

This is basically the outline of the country and each state within it.  It’s a decal that goes on the outside of the RV and as you travel through each state, you add the sticker in its appropriate spot on the map.  We are using it to show 1) states that we have traveled in with ‘Our Way’ and 2) states that we visited without ‘Our Way’ where we spent time in a National Park and got a stamp while we were there.  This is why you see states like ‘Alaska’ filled in because we visited several of the national parks while we were there.

4 thoughts on “Adventure Tracker

  1. Terri

    Siobhan- that is totally awesome! I love the pass and the map. I am having a ton of fun following your travels.


  2. annface1

    So cool! We have a map, but I also like the passport. We will have to get one when we visit the Grand Tetons this summer and make up our own stamp for the parks we already visited. Keep on enjoying!!!


  3. rhondasteele

    The decal map is my favourite, big impression in just a glance but the passport is pretty cool too. You two have seen a lot already! Thanks for sharing with photos! XO



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