Live & Learn

This post does not include any pictures.  It’s for the best, really!

First, a little background to help paint a mental picture of the situation.  Our Way (that’s the name of our MH for any newer followers) has two sets of shades on each window.  Both are black in color.  The shade closest to the window is a sun shade, designed to minimize the heat from the sun and block the UV rays.  As such, it’s texture is a bit rough and you can see through it.  The second shade is solid and referred to as the night shade.  It allows no light in nor out.

Now, imagine being a novice RVer.  There is so much to become familiar with. How does the convection oven work (definitely not the same as a conventional one), how about the generator to provide power when you are parked or the plumbing system?  Lots to think about.

We arrived at the RV site late-afternoon after a long and tiring drive.  It was a steamy, hot & humid day so we pulled all the sun shades down once we got the camp set up.  By the time we finished preparing, eating and cleaning up after dinner, we were exhausted.  It was dark, maybe even after 9PM 😂.  Bedtime.

Just before we dozed off for the night, one of us decided something from the cabinet above the bed was needed.   Flip the light on, stand up on the bed, stretch up high to retrieve the item, turn the light back off…and…only then does the other of us mention that the night shades were not drawn!  You know, after dark, those sun shades look an awful lot like night shades.  At least they do from inside the MH.  Not so much so from outside, though.

Oh well, rookie mistake.  We didn’t know the people in the neighboring campsites and luckily for us, they did not call the local authorities to report any indecent exposure incidents.  (No telling who was exposed, that must remain a secret.)

How Embarrassing!

7 thoughts on “Live & Learn

  1. Bob & Theresa

    OMG!!! That is so funny. When Bob and I got our new trailer it had the black tinted windows on it. We also had pull down shades. But there was a gap of about 2 inches between the shade and the black window. I made him go out several times after dark to make sure no one could see me. I didn’t want to scare any young children or adults😜 At the beginning of every season I make him go through the same routine. You would think I was used to it by now. No!!! You probably won’t make that mistake again.



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