Tiffin Factory Tour

Based on our last post (some may say tome), you know we spent a lot of time in Red Bay, AL and that there really isn’t that much to do there. Well, this tour was actually really cool! Siobhan and I joined about 10 or 12 other people on the daily tour that takes about two hours.

They started with a short history of this family-owned company started by one man named Bob Tiffin back in 1972. His original production goal was two motorhomes (MH) per day. Since then, the company has grown to over 1,500 employees who now produce 12 MHs each work day. Most interestingly, every single MH they build has already been sold!

We witnessed MHs being built from the chassis all the way up to the finished product. Even walked right down the production lines (can only imagine what their insurance company would say about that!) and talked to the people building these behemoths. Fascinating.

One quick fact that may help you to understand the complexity of these MHs and perhaps better “see” what we saw in person: there is between 2 – 3 miles of wiring in the shortest MHs built here!

Another fact that I know a few of you will enjoy is that Tiffin has an incredible cabinet factory. They custom build all their own cabinetry right here. We watched them take raw wood and turn it into absolutely exquisite cabinets and trim for their high-end ($500,000+) MHs. True craftsmen.

In fact, the Tiffin team not only manufactures the cabinets, but the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, everything but the windshields, doors and engines. They even have their own paint facility.

Lastly, we were invited into the most recently completed MHs all lined up on what the employees affectionately refer to as the “Yellow Brick Road”.  This is where they very proudly display their American-made end products that are ready to be shipped to some excited purchaser just waiting to start their own RV adventure!

The rest of this post is your self-guided factory tour – enjoy….

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Part Two:

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