We named it!

“Our Way”

Yup, that’s it.  We’ve finally decided.  We like it and we’re sticking with it!  (unless we change our minds, we’ve been known to do that from time to time).

The Tiffin Allegro motorhome is, from this moment forward, to be referred to by its new name, “Our Way”.

Why “Our Way”?  Well, we wanted to take a long RV Adventure to enjoy each others’ company while touring the entire country at our pace, going wherever we felt like going whenever we felt like going there and staying for however long we were enjoying that place.  No real schedule, no planes to catch, no buses (well, pun intended) to board, no reservations to be obligated to…just following our interests as they develop.  Many people have told us they would love to tour the country for an adventure like this.  Yet, some don’t want to go in an RV, others don’t have the time, others just couldn’t see being away from their families for so long.  We will certainly miss our family and friends while we take this RV adventure, however, this trip is “Our Way”.

Yeah, we do have a general idea of where we want to go and the places we want to see.  And, yeah, those of you who know Kevin know there is a detailed spreadsheet that lists out every stop and the mileage and fuel costs to get there.  But, that is merely a guideline.

When we departed, there were only three reservations for the entire trip and all within the first two weeks of the adventure.  There are two other dates planned, one to meet our daughter and another to meet some friends who rented an RV to join us for a caravan out West.  Sure, we may make a few more reservations along the way.  But, we prefer to make them as we go to allow for whatever changes we want to make.

Right from the first day of this adventure, while trying to get on the road heading out of Fort Myers, we’ve been reminded many times that these things just don’t go according to plan.  We are becoming more flexible every day as things happen (weather, new places to see, new friends to visit) that make us reconsider our “current plan”.  Great to have one, even better to be able to change it whenever we feel like it!

So, “Our Way” is making all this possible for us.

Glad you decided to come along for the ride – should be interesting!



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