How long has it been since you’ve been to one of these?  Years for me, at least 30!

But, like many other simple things we take for granted every day, they are not so simple when living in your RV.  While some RVs do have a small washer/dryer combo, we opted for the additional storage space in ours.  Many people advised us that the laundry units that fit in an RV are only good for very small loads anyway.

So, after all that time, we find ourselves back here.  We met interesting people there today while passing the time waiting for another thunderstorm to pass (no big deal this time, thankfully) and the clothes to dry.  One woman was originally from Norwich, CT and commented on Siobhan’s UConn t-shirt.  She told us of her big family and explained how her one and two year old kids are the aunt and uncle of her six year old grandchild from her 25 year old son.  Another woman arrived in her Mercedes sports coupe and dragged in bags of dirty clothes and a pile of quarters for the machines – curious.  And there were a few guys in there too, not just me.

Other simple tasks that take a bit more planning include discarding the garbage, getting rid of other types of waste, getting water for the RV for showers and doing dishes – without a machine.

All worth it, so far at least, for the ability to travel around at will and see incredible sites and have cool adventures.  More on those coming soon….




5 thoughts on “Laundromat

  1. Mike Loucks

    I mean, well, Siobhan, he tells you he went to the laundromat and he comes back with the clothes folded, but, well, we know he folds the dirty clothes too!



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