Gotta give Siobhan credit here – she was a trooper.  This stop was all Kevin’s idea.

I wanted to visit the State Capital Building, the State House of Representatives Building and the State Senate Building.  Maybe even the Governor’s Office.  Why not, as residents of the State of Florida, we pay for these facilities and I wanted to see how they are being utilized.

We spent most of the day Monday in Tallahassee touring these buildings, meeting other people doing the same thing and talking with State employees and volunteers.  We took a self-guided tour of the Capital complex after getting the skinny from a kind gentleman at the State Capital Information Booth.  Also observed while a group of people in the Chambers of the State House of Representatives were learning about how that group functions while they are in session.


Not the most exciting adventure, but, educational for sure.  Some of you who know me best know that I’ve sometimes considered public office as a potential future endeavor.  I’d chalk this visit up to curiosity.  Not sure the visit pushed me closer or further away but it was fun to see it all in action.

Siobhan even agreed to go with me to the office of our State Senator.  We had no meeting arranged but I wanted to stop in to introduce myself since we were in town.  Unfortunately for us, our senator was in a meeting with the President of the Senate when we arrived so we did not get a chance to meet.  We did, however, get to chat with her Legislative Assistants and got a great education from that, too.

Last stop at the State Capital Complex was a visit to the Governor’s office.  Nice place, never know!


Prior to heading back to the forest it was lunch at a place called Andrew’s Downtown located just across the street from the legislative offices.  Nice outdoor seating for a fair meal under a beautiful and huge magnolia tree.


(brief, right…Promise delivered!)



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