We’re off…

Our RV Adventure has begun!


On April 1st we departed Fort Myers (a few hours later than planned, more on that in a minute) and made it to our first stop in Eustis, FL.

We recently joined a club called Boondockers Welcome which is a group of RVers that allow other RVers to park on their property free of charge for a night or two while traveling through town.  Last night was our first experience actually using the club and we are hoping that each club member IMG_7843is as gracious a host Jack.  He greeted us with a smile when we arrived, showed us to a beautiful shaded area to park the rig and allowed us to connect to his electricity so we could run our A/C.  This spot sure beats the Walmart parking lot we thought of staying in!

Also, for those of you living in the Mount Dora area, you might want to stop by Santa’s Farm to get your Christmas tree this year.  IMG_7846You see, Jack owns Santa’s Farm and sells Christmas trees during the holiday season.  If you do, please say hi to Jack for us and let him know we sent you!

Our reason for stopping here was to visit Dad who lives in Mount Dora, just one town away.  We planned to join him for dinner at the restaurant in his community at 6PM but we got a late start and didn’t get to Dad’s until 7:30.  Of course, by then we needed a different place for dinner and decided on Jeremiah’s on Highland St.  The food was great and service was good too.  Since we know a few of you plan to visit Mount Dora soon, we wanted to share this recommendation with you.  Can’t go wrong here.

About that late departure…we got out of the house and over to the RV to hook up the Jeep right on schedule.  We got the Jeep connected with no troubles but could not plug the electrical wires from the Jeep into the RV.  Oh sh**!  After nearly two hours trying to repair it, three zip ties had to suffice to hold the plug into the RV receiver.  Not ideal but it works.  We’ll get it repaired when we stop at the Tiffin factory next week but thats another story.

Thats it for now.



7 thoughts on “We’re off…

  1. Stacy Reynolds

    Sounds like you are having a good , loved getting the update! Hugs, mark and Stacy

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  2. annface1

    Sounds like you are having a great adventure! Thanks for the tip on boondocking. Mike and I might actually try it this year. Looking forward to your next post.
    ❤️Ann and Mike G

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