Where To Begin?

Deciding which RV to buy is not so easy.  Trust me, we know.  More than once, we were convinced that we knew exactly which coach we wanted.  Ok, make that four times, to be exact.

First, it was a 36’ used Class-A coach at a price that was “too-good-to-be-true”.  We read all the stories about the high-pressure sales tactics of some RV dealers so we were prepared for it.  Not gonna happen to us, we were just looking.  Except it did!  On our first visit to a dealership we spent fifteen minutes talking with the salesperson about our future travel plans.  He agreed to show us a few of the coaches on his lot and within thirty minutes we had a signed contract in hand to purchase a used 36’ coach that we knew absolutely nothing about!  How the heck did that happen?  Fortunately, we included a three day for-any-reason revocation clause and got out of that deal quickly.

That experience left us feeling that a Class-A was just too big for us to drive (even though we had never driven one).  At the next dealership, we met a salesperson that had recently RVed through many of the National Parks who recommended a Class-C type RV no more than 27’ long.  That’s because many of the Parks limit RV length to 27’.  We had rented that type of RV on a recent visit to Colorado and were both comfortable driving it so we thought this is what we need.  Ahhh, but those little voices in our heads kept asking us if there would be enough space in there to spend eight months together in it.  And, we would still have to tow a car because even at 27’, its kinda too big to take to the grocery store on main street.

Next, we came across what is known as a Class-B or Class-B+ RV.  Its essentially a luxury conversion van that is easy to drive and eliminates the need for a tow vehicle since you could take it anywhere you would drive your car.  We thought, hey, we would have no problem driving this thing anywhere, even on the switchbacks in the mountains.  This is what we need!  And you can get them with either a gas or diesel engine.  But, Siobhan started wondering how we could put up with each other for eight months in such a small space.  I agreed.

Finally, we came full-circle.  We thought, wait just one minute.  We see plenty of people driving those Class A’s.  If they can do it, so can we.  We went for a test drive and had no problem driving a 34 footer.  Again, we felt confident that we landed on the right type of coach for us.

And after all that, the religious debate of gas vs diesel attacked us.  Could the gas-powered coach towing our Jeep get us through the mountain passes out west?  We bounced back and forth a number of times before we had talked to enough “experts” to decide, based on our needs, that gas-powered would do the trick.  (We wont really know, though, until we’ve actually been in the mountains for awhile.  Stay tuned for updates.)

Obviously, we’ve been around this track a few times now.  Each time, we felt like we landed on the right choice. Until, that is, the little voices in our heads had us challenging ourselves.  Are we really ready, did we make the right choice?  Well, since we actually purchased a Class-A coach this month, only time on the road will answer that question now.  We’ll keep you posted.

Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for following our story!

K&S  🚌

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