One Step Closer

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That took longer than we expected! No worries, though. We are now one step closer to our next adventure.

This weekend was all about taking delivery of the RV that we had yet to see. Just in case I hadn’t told you, a few weeks ago we signed the purchase order site-unseen. You see, after all the research we had done, we knew exactly what we wanted, saw it on the North Trail RV Center’s website, called to talk with a salesperson, made an offer and within an hour we had closed the deal. Of course, we had a caveat in the agreement in case the RV didn’t turn out to be as-advertised. You know, trust, but verify.

Anyway, we were very excited to see the RV in person, check it over, take it for a spin and head outta there. We couldn’t wait to get on the road for the brief trip to the RV storage facility that our RV (still working on a name – thanks for the many suggestions submitted so far) will call home for the next few months. But, hold on, not so fast….just a few things to do first…

For those of you who have purchased a house, you might have an idea of what this was like. We started with an introduction to our sales person, Kelly, who we had only spoken to on the phone a couple of times. He then introduced us to AJ, the person that was assigned to teach us all about the RV and its many systems (seriously, lots of systems to learn here, a/c, propane, hydraulics, electric, satellite, heating, automatic leveling, potable water, grey water, black water, sewage drainage and more). Going back to the buying-a-house analogy, consider this the final walkthru. We spent about two hours going through the 23 page Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI) checklist we had purchased from It’s a very thorough list of questions to assist novices like us in asking the right questions to be sure the RV is safe and completely ready to go.

AJ was great, very patient and knowledgable, answering all of our questions and providing invaluable insights along the way. When Kelly came back to check on our progress, we enlisted him to take us for a test drive where both of us got an opportunity to drive the new RV on the highway and back roads to get a real feel for it. The outcome of our very detailed inspection and test drives was a punch list of about 15 items to be repaired or adjusted before we completed the deal and headed for home. With this list compiled and the work underway, we were shuttled off (really, this place covers acres of land, largest dealer in Southwest FL with over $100MM in inventory) to do the financial stuff. Yeah, surprisingly, they actually wanted our money before they gave us the keys.

Kelly brought us over to meet Kim, the person that would handle the financial end of the deal. After the purchase contracts were reviewed, the many tax, title and registration forms signed, checks written and wire transfers completed, Kim said “Kevin & Siobhan, here are your keys, enjoy your new RV!”.

Then, the waiting. Not something that I’m good at, but, it takes time to fix these things. The punch list was being tackled by the various specialists from the dealership and they were doing a great job. It just took some time. Well, lots of time. We arrived at about 9 AM and didn’t actually drive away until 5:30 PM. Luckily, Kelly had mentioned that it could take three to six hours so Siobhan brought lunch and we made it through the day. Plenty of friendly employees to talk with in the RV parts store onsite as well as those working on our coach.

Finally, everything completed, it was time to go. Siobhan agreed to let me drive the RV while she followed in the rental car. Off to the storage facility to park this new home. Getting that lease completed turned out to be pretty simple and only took about half an hour. Once paid up, we where given a gate access code providing us with 7x24x365 access to our new toy.

We are happy to share these pictures to show you more about why we are so excited. This new home on wheels is gonna be a blast and we can’t wait to get on the road. However, our first excursion in our new RV is still at least six weeks away so we plan to share a few posts between now and then to tell you more about how we decided on this specific coach.

Please feel free to comment on this post, we would love to hear from you.


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