Pulled the Trigger!

Wow!  We finally did it!

We are Kevin and Siobhan or K&S for short. (Check out our “About Us” page on this site.)

After years of dreaming about an extended road trip and months of serious research, we finally pulled the trigger.  It’s now official.  We signed the purchase order for our new RV and we’re going to Florida to pick it up soon.  We are so excited, this long-time daydream is now becoming reality and we can’t wait.

We would love to have you join us (virtually, that is!) on our journey by following our blog.  We plan frequent posts with pictures and videos of our adventure as it unfolds.  Just enter your email address, then press the Follow button on this page.  You will receive an email to confirm your request.  The rest is automagic – you will receive notifications whenever there is a new post.

This idea started about ten years ago when Siobhan mentioned that someday she would like to see this country.  That got us talking about an eventual RV trip to explore the USA and see as many of the National Parks as we could.

Well, the time is getting close.  We’ve just jumped out of the research phase and into the trial-run phase, in a BIG WAY.

We now have a great new RV being prepared for us as I write this post.  It’s a 2016 Tiffin Allegro 32 SA gas-powered coach. We plan to christen it (not sure breaking a bottle of bubbly over its bow is a good idea…) in a couple of weeks when we pick it up from the dealership.

We hope you decide to join us on this exciting journey by following our blog.  We plan to share more about how we decided on the coach we chose, the tons of research we completed to land here, the route plans we come up with as they develop and what we learn (hopefully not the hard way) as we roll on down the road.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for naming the RV.



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